Tremendous Tool Post Grinder

To make my parts that I make on my lathe look purdy, I needed a tool post grinder. But there is a problem with mos tool post grinders. They are heavy and expensive. And I would have to remove my Aloris tool post every time I wanted to use it. So I decided to make my own with a die grinder.

2014-02-02 16.55.56

Now the build for this is simple, Stupidly so…

2014-02-02 16.29.35

I started out by cutting some steel plate, then I bent it to form that 90 degree steel piece. Then I drilled a hole in the back so that I could shoot that black nipple through and weld it to the plate. This added some rigidity to the die grinder. Then I drilled two 1/4″ hole in the front of the steel plate. I was going to make a ubolt, but then I decided to use a hose clamp instead. I used another hose clamp to keep the trigger on. Then I took a broken lathe bit, cut off the head, and welded the remaining shank to the back of the plate. This will go into the Aloris tool holder.  And voilà, you got a light weight tool post grinder.

2014-02-02 16.29.50

Now this setup ins’t as sturdy as a normal tool post grinder would be, so if you need to use it to get a part within spec, it may be problematic. But if you just need to smooth out you cutting marks, it works perfectly. Oh, and it only cost $20 for the die grinder. 😉

If you want to see how I made it in more detail, please watch this video:

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