Backup Solution

Warning: the following is just my own personal documentation that I chose to make public, may not be %100 correct or clear.

BackupPC runs on a vm server. I am using CentOS 6. After installation, you must setup the network first.

In the network config file, change and add these lines.

and because I don’t use vi, and can’t remember, enter :W  to save, and :q  to quit.

now enter the following commands in the terminal. It will reset the network interface, update packages, and install nano, even though it should have been pre installed!


now we need to download and enable two repositories.


Now change enabled=0 to enabled=1 . Save and close.

then install some needed programs.

now install nfs so that we can mount the server

And so that the nas is mounted at boot, add it to the fstab file.

now we need to add a user for backuppc

and now we finally install BackupPC. We also need to install apache, and configure everything so that it starts automatically.

now we need to edit the apache config to allow us to view the backuppc’s webpage.

and change allow from  to allow from all  and AuthName "BackupPC  to AuthName backuppc   Then save and close.


Now we need to make a backup of the default config file.

now we need to generate a random password.

Keep the output handy. We will need it in the file that we will be editing next.

find $Conf{ServerMesgSecret} =   and insert the password that you generated after the = . Keep the password in between single quotes.

Then find $Conf{CgiAdminUsers} =   and add backuppc after the = . Keep the single quotes around backuppc.

Next we need to open up port 80 on the firewall.

Because I am keeping the host backup data on my nas, I expect to always have the folder, but if this folder isn’t there, it must be set up. THe easiest way to do this is to just copy the original.

after that, we need to remove the original and then create a symbolic link.

Now its time to start apache and backuppc.

Now we need to disable selinux. I now, it less secure, but its simpler this way.

and change SELINUX=enforcing to  SELINUX=disabled


Now we should be able to go two the Backuppc webpage. The link will depend on your ip adress. I have set up my router to have local domain names. So I just need to go to,, but you would need to go to serverIP/BackupPC

Once there, click on   Edit Config , open the Server tab, then  enter /mnt/backup/backuppc  in the TopDir field.

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