I  started my robot when I was about 12 years old. I was inspired by shows  such as Robot Wars.  However, I did not know much about how to build a robot, plus I  lacked  a welder. My first successfully running robot was built around fifth or sixth grade, but there was not enough room for my batteries. =( I then built a much taller robot. I didn't. however,  fully understand the power of a tape measure, and the drive chain kept popping out. A couple of versions later, I got a welder, and then made my next somewhat successful robot. Unfortunately it was too top heavy, and the tracks that were installed were too short, so I decided to  design what is now my current version. It has six wheels, and each side can pivot independently of each other.

My Robot's Remote


An introduction to my remote.

Posted by Josh Cawood on February 26, 2012

A bad center joint and slow hydraulics plague my robot.

Posted by Josh Cawood on January 27, 2012

This is an introduction, plus a drive train test of my robot.

Posted by Josh Cawood on April  23, 2011